Monday, June 15, 2009

The West Beds in Full Bloom

We are still very busy here at Feed and Seed Barn. We have many projects that we are working on that we are taking pictures of to share with you. This is a picture of a red hardy hibiscus that we sell in the shop for $7.00 in a 1 gallon pot.

We have finally got our display beds planted and in full bloom. In the picture below the blue groundcover you see is a type of plumbago. We sell it also in 1 gallon pots. We have a simple pricing system. All 1 gallon pots are $7.00 and our 4 inch pots are $1.20 except herbs which are $1.90 We stock a large range of perennials as well as annuals. We would be glad to ship anything out in the united States if you see something you are longing for.

We sell all of the flowers and plants that we use in our display beds. So if you see anything you are curious about we would be very happy to tell you about the plant and or sell it to you. We sell seed also and this year we planted indian corn in our display beds.

These beds on the West side are very hot, sunny and can be dry so we plant things that will hold up to those kinds of conditions in these beds. We use lots of salvias in these beds.

We like to use old farm equipment as decorative items in our beds. The barrels make great planters and we can order them whole, cut in half and cut in half length ways.

We use a cedar mulch in all of our beds. It helps to keep bugs at bay, it helps to keep the moisture level and it keeps the roots of the plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It also breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil. We keep cedar mulch in stock.

We also try to stock rocks and other materials that can be used as edging materials around a flower bed.

It is amazing how such common things like rocks and old rusty farm equipment can make such beautiful beds

These are Mexican Petunias which we also stock in 1 gallon containers. They are very hardy here in Seymour. We are zone 7/8 and so we have many choices that we can grow.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of some of our beds. Come back soon, we have more beds to show you.


  1. Very nice. Is there fast growing ground cover that blooms for a shady spot? Or a nice ground cover with interesting foliage?

  2. Your garden beds are looking wonderful!

  3. Beebalm..., does it taste anyway near basil?... happy gardening, ~ bangchik.


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