Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here now. June is almost over and we are moving into July. The temperatures have risen and our busy time in the garden slows. Now we move from planting and mulching, to watering, and weeding.

This picture above is beebalm. This is a plant that we are carrying in our store. It is in the mint family so if you plant it in your garden be sure to not plant it near a mint. All mint varieties need to keep their roots from mingling. Otherwise they will revert back to the common mint form. You can keep mints under control by planting them in a container and sinking the container into the ground. This will keep them confined to only the area of the container. This also keeps the roots from mingling with other plants.

Be sure that your garden and lawn gets at least 1 to 2 inches of water each week. It is better to water for longer periods of time but less times each week. This encourages the roots to go deep into the ground rather than spreading out.

We spray spray around the edge of our beds with a grass and brush killer by ferti-lome. This helps to keep the bermuda grass out of our beds. It also helps to cut down our work by eliminating some of our weed eating. We carry a full line of ferti-lome products in our store.

We like to use rocks to edge our beds. This gives them a natural rustic feel. We also sell rocks in our store.

Even when the temperatures reach into the century mark and beyond like this week, our beds continue to bloom with color and vibrancy. We use plants that flourish even in high heat like salvias and iceplant which we sell in our greenhouse.

We had a couple of storms with some very high winds that knocked our fence around a bit so we have a bit of work to do to repair this. Thankfully it is an easy fix. Remember that June is when you put pre emergent down to prevent summer weeds. June is almost over so hurry. We hope you are having a great gardening season.


  1. Great post and wonderful advice...I guess my mints are mingling!! Like the way you spray around your gardens.

  2. I love garden art and the way you have shown it, it is my biggest passion.

  3. we planted several mints this year and all are doing well...chocolate mint, peppermint, beebalm, etc...
    love the rustic look of your feed and seed barn.

  4. I can't believe how fast summer is going by!! I love monarda...I just got a new one, 'petite delight', and it's so pretty!

  5. What a GREAT place!!! I love it! I want to visit!


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