Monday, June 1, 2009

More Containers

We have been busy here at Feed and Seed Barn. Springtime is one of our busiest times. We have been creating lots of container plantings to stock in our store. We like to create a variety of containers with many different looks. We stock container plantings for shady spots as well as sunny spots. When planting a container be sure that you put plants with similar light needs and similar watering needs in the same container. We also stock everything you need for creating your own containers. We always add a scoop of Osmocote to all our containers. It is a great fertilizer that feeds your plants for 4 months. We like it because our plants really seem to thrive and grow very full and beautiful with lots of blooms when we use Osmocote.

We like to overstuff our containers so that when the plants get to full size it looks full and lush. In some of our containers we add tall plants in the center or to the back of the container with shorter fuller plants around the taller ones and we like to add something trailing in the front.


  1. These are very nice combos here. You have some neat looking containers as well. As far as the Osmocote, I have been thinking of trying it, having a hard time letting go of the Miracle Grow though...Is there really much difference?

  2. I love your containers - if I lived anywhere near your place I'd be spending a significant chunk of my income on those things! :)

  3. Yes there is a large difference because with osmocote you get 4 months worth of feeding with only one application. It is in the form of a time released capsule.


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