Monday, July 13, 2009

I Like It Hot!!!

Things are slowing down now at the shop. It has been very hot outside with temperatures reaching well past the century mark. I enjoy the hot weather. I have been busy riding my bicycle in rallies all over the state. I am soon to compete in the Hotter Than Hell Bike Ride in Wichita Falls. When things get really hot outside then planting really needs to come to a stop (if possible) until the weather cools. Be sure to drink plenty of water when you work outside in the heat.

Hopefully you mulched your beds well to cut down on weeds and to help your soil hold moisture well.

I like to edge my beds with a herbicide that keeps everything from growing so that it is a bit easier to keep grass out of my beds. Most herbicides need to be sprayed when the temperatures are at least 70 degrees outside.

I like to mix bright colors in my flower beds. This really attracts attention. I also try to vary the textures so that the eye does not get bored.

This is my smoke tree. I love the color and texture that this tree adds to my display beds. It especially looks nice next to the red yucca plant.

Be sure that you water well when it gets hot outside. This will help your plants to survive the heat better.


  1. I love the smoke tree. It's so different looking.

    Thank goodness for mulch. My plants would have already killed over with this much heat and no rain.

  2. I enjoy your beautiful photos, but I certainly do NOT enjoy the hot weather. 105 degrees is just way to hot for me and that's what it's been here in SoCal lately.


  3. Love to see your gardens and yes it's been HOT~ Never seen a Smoke Tree before, I like that. Do I see a Cassia alata (coffee weed)plant in the back right of the third photo? If so, do you have a problem with it reseeding heavily? I

  4. You need to come see what nutty thing I did this morning in the you don't have one of these!! LOL


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