Sunday, May 3, 2009

Every Garden Needs Bones

Evey garden needs bones. What are bones you ask? The bones of a garden include the hardscape as well as the trees and bushes in the garden.

This is pretty much what our display gardens look like before we get them planted.

There will be some perennials that we keep from year to year as well as a few volunteer annuals.

We like to use rocks as well as vintage metal and wood items to decorate our gardens.

I do not remember if I have shared this with you before or not but there was once a barn that stood between us and the school bus barn. We had a fire that burned it completely down which left a large hole in our garden. We used rebar and wood shipping pallets to create a fence as a backdrop for our beds.

We have found that it is most economical to use things that we already have laying around to decorate our gardens.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our bones. Stay tuned for the amazing transformation that will take place as we get our beds planted for the 2009 season.


  1. I enjoyed this post today.


  2. It's beautiful like that, can only imagine the transformation that will take place!


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