Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Projects

Springtime has arrived here at Feed and Seed Barn. That means we have new plants arriving weekly. We have a selection of vegetables, strawberries, and flowers. Be sure to check with us each week as we have more plants coming through out the season. I thought I would share one of our spring jobs that we did last year.

This was one of our larger jobs of the year.

We planted lots of perennials that will be gorgeous when they come up this spring.

We planted things closer in the front bed so that the impact would be larger.

We improved the soil in all the planters with plenty of high quality potting soil, fertilizer and we topped that off with a nice layer of cedar mulch.

The planters are watered with soaker hoses.

When using lots of perennials in a bed it will not have as much color and growth the first year because the roots are growing underground.

On the second year, the plants that survive will be much prettier

If it survives and does well, it should be absolutely gorgeous on the 3rd year.

I am looking forward to seeing how well it does this spring. If the spring weather has you ready to get your hands into the dirt be sure to stop by and see our latest arrivals.

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  1. It looks like you have a lot of sun for your plants! Happy gardening!


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