Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unwanted grasses

Unwanted grasses in your vegetable or flower gardens? I have a great new product called "Over The Top II." This product can be sprayed over your vegetables and flowers and will kill the grass without harming the broadleaf plants. This product mixes at a rate of 1 oz over the top to 1 gallon water at a cost of only $22.50 for a 8 oz bottle plus shipping.


  1. I was so happy to have you visit today. Good for you starting a blog on gardening. I absolutly love meeting other gardeners. I pretty much live to garden. So I'm sure we'll have much to talk about.
    Thanks again for visiting, June

  2. Hi James, what a lovely garden you have! Even with the 'unwanted grasses'! Thanks for following my blog...I'm following yours now, too! Have a great day, Jan

  3. I love your blog...glad you decided to share with us

  4. First of all, you are so going to be added to my bloglist! Love your barn and the garden beds are spectacular. I will be tuning in here on a regular basis....Oh, how I wish I could work at a place like yours!


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