Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Introducing Feed and Seed Barn in Seymour, Texas!
Hi, my name is James and I would like to introduce you to my store: Feed And Seed Barn The pictures in this post are all from the display beds at my store. I spend my time working at the store, out on landscaping jobs, working the display beds, and when I am not working I love to go ride my bicycle. Hope you enjoy. . .
The picture above is the North end of our property. This bed faces South so all the flowers pictured get lots of sunshine.

This is a East facing bed that is against the store building.

More of my East beds

This little bed sits under my business sign.

This is a closeup view of my bed that faces the South. I change the beds often so that there is always something new to see when customers come to look. My beds have been a feature on the Seymour Secret Garden Tour every year since the organization began.

This is another view of the same bed on a different year. It is amazing how one can change the entire look of an area just by changing what is planted.

This is a picture of my beds on the West side of the store. This side gets very hot and lots of sunshine so I plant very hardy plants on this side.

This is another view of the beds facing the South. This part of the building was burned down this last year and so there have been a lot of changes in these beds. I will share pictures of those changes in a future post.

This is a close up view of the bed on the West side.

This is a corner of the building that was burned in the fire. I hated losing the building as well as the signs. You will be amazed at how I redid this area. I hope this gave you an idea of just a bit of what I can do. Be sure to check out my store site in the sidebar. I stock a large inventory of perennial plants, annuals, herbs, a few bushes, seed, feed, garden supplies (organic and non organic), vet supplies, garden ornaments, fresh free range eggs, and many gift items. I would love for you to stop by and see us sometime!


  1. Finally got to look at the site -- wow I am impressed!!! Miss you all so much
    Love Kelly

  2. LaGayle StephensonJune 5, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    Awesome job! Wish you lived closer to Levelland and I could put you to work! Glad you are putting your talents to work in the small town of Seymour! Way to go!
    LaGayle Stephenson

  3. I work with your sister Debbie at Herring Bank in Vernon. She's very proud of you and your store. You do awesome work. I wish I had your talent.

    Tissha Taylor

  4. Debbie Standlee said - great job little brother. I need your expertise for my new back yard. Love you


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