Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Gardening

Autumn is now upon us but that doesn't mean we stop in the garden.  In fact, Autumn is the very best time to plant especially here in Texas.  We have our winter annuals coming in now and it is a great time to get them established before winter comes.

This is also an excellent time to plant perennials and even trees and shrubs.  It gives the plants, trees, and shrubs a chance to grow a great root system before they have to go to work on top in the Spring.  It helps them give an even better show in Spring and Summer in your garden.
Be sure to apply a great fertilizer along with plenty of water anytime you plant something new in your garden.  A day when it is sprinkling is a great time to plant and save some time watering.  It also keeps your plants from being shocked so much when set out into the garden.

You can find everything you need for a beautiful fall garden and to help you get a jump on next year's Spring garden at Feed & Seed Barn in Seymour, Texas!

Be sure to check out our seed (flowers plant their seeds for next year now so you can too) and don't miss our great choice of  organic garden items in the store.

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