Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Chores

It has been a good Summer here at Feed Seed Barn. I am a little sad to see Summer leave. I really like the warmer weather best.

Fall is a very busy time in the garden. It is one of the best times to prepare new beds. If you need to prepare a spot for a garden we keep Plant and brush killer in stock. Be sure to get it sprayed while the temperatures are still in the 70's and above.

If you have weeds sprouting in your lawn, you can still take them out with a product called Weed Out.
This is also a great time to battle the grass in your flower beds with Over The Top.

There is still time to plant your perennials so that they will be established next spring.

We have pansies, johnny jump ups, dianthus and some really nice mums in the greenhouse right now.
We also have planters filled with plants and ready for your fall display.

If you are in the area we would love it if you stop by and say hello

See you later!

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  1. Your gardens around your shop are really nice. I wish I could stop by to pick up some new perennials. I'm just getting the last of mine in the ground.


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